About Us

Ruby 45’s Story
A Ruby, if placed upon the chest, will melt through your
rib cage and engulf your entire body with flames. It is
made to warm up your heart with tenderness and passion,
and at the same time, it will crystallise the eyes and make
every single gesture harden as a symbol of your strength.
My Ruby, alongside the love of her life, my dad (born
1945), were the most loving and caring persons I have
ever known. They enriched many people’s lives, through
charitable work and their day-to-day business,
and were determined to leave a lasting positive impact on
anyone whose paths crossed theirs. My mission is to
continue their legacy.
I am set to enrich your lives with quality coffees and
super healthy smoothies. As a coffee lover, I believe
coffees are different, but the coffee sourced for our café
is of the very best quality coffee beans, freshly prepared
specially for you. I am also trying to source as organic as
you can get, fruits for our fresh blends and smoothies and
our cakes are specially baked in my sister’s
café gallery in 15, Richmond hill, Richmond, TW10 6RE.
Visit my café and I am sure you will come back again
and again.
Enjoy a unique experience in my Ruby45 café